The Future of Apis Melifera

As a part of Collect Open 2015, I created a jewellery sculpture made from dehydrated edible honey. The work was executed with a 3D printer, together with Julian Sing, a food scientist in the Netherlands.

The piece deals with the issues of bee decline and in particular the alarming Colony Collapse Disorder. Within the design, I used visual representations of ‘the food chain’ and elements of traditional adornment, symbolising the presence and history of jewellery whilst referring to its future applications. Drawing on perceived values of precious metals and the continuous esteem of traditional jewellery materials, gold is compared to honey. The work aims to communicate that honey is not merely honey, but ‘pollination’ that is responsible for more than half of our food supplies.

For the duration of the fair, the installation remained untouched. However, on the last day, the Collect audience was invited to interact with, experience and taste the installation.

Images by Theo Cohen