CCD # 1: Barter

At Bucks’N Barter during Schmuck 2013, in collaboration with experience designer Prang Lerttaweewit

The project investigated the issue of bee decline and in particular the ongoing alarming Colony Collapse Disorder.  The edible jewellery installation staged a future in which no more honey is produced and humankind would be left with the supply from the past. Inviting the audiences for a trade-off between the possession of a jewellery piece and the pleasure of savouring, CCD #1:Barter assessed that honey is not merely honey which occupies a supermarket shelf, but ‘pollination’ that is responsible for more than half of our food supplies. Shown in the empty packages, the interactive installation indicated of what we would end up living without. The work draws on the ecological principle of our interdependency to agriculture and nature. The installation was made of a 100% dehydrated honey and cast in food grade silicone moulds.