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Katrin Spranger creates sculpture and conceptual jewellery that deal with science fiction, environment and consumer culture. Focusing on resources that might become depleted in the future, she explores natural materials including crude oil, water and honey to develop wearable but also time-based and interactive pieces.


Press and Publications

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A Perspective on the Future of Jewellery Materials and Practice – book publication by Katrin Spranger 2013, published by Lambert Academic Publishing

Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective, edited by Damian Skinner – book publication

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Jewelbook – International Annual of Contemporary Jewel Art 2012/2013 – book publication

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Behind the scenes of ‘Aquatopia’

Aquatopia takes you behind the scenes at artist and maker Katrin Spranger's studio in London. She uses an electroforming technique to create her Collection that's inspired by science fiction and what life might be like in the future.